Q&A: How to Stay Sane/Kind During the Pandemic

Q: How do I stay sane during the pandemic?

Q: How can I show kindness during the pandemic?

A: (from Elaina) I think the second question answers the first. Kindness is the way to stay sane during this pandemic. There are all sorts of tangible things to occupy your time during the pandemic. Find a way to connect with friends and family (letters, text, zoom, FaceTime). Take the time to feed your spirituality (read, pray, meditate). Learn or rediscover a hobby. Take care of your physical health and exercise. We’ve touched on some of these in videos on our website. But really, these are all just ways to occupy your time and keep your mind and body active. The way to truly stay sane in this pandemic is to show kindness to others! This can be in a lot of little and big ways. Follow the golden rule. Treat others with dignity and respect. We are all doing the best we can! Truthfully, the science on this is changing constantly. Let’s assume that we’re all making the best choices we can with the information we have. The risk vs. reward level is an individual one. Instead of focusing on our individual frustration, we should remember that we have the opportunity to globally unite and show kindness and care for our fellow humans. With the mask covering our face, no one can see your smile. Make sure that they CAN see your kind actions.

We’re changing up our blog and plan to feature more Q&A sessions. Please comment and send us your questions!!

Elaina’s special joy of the week: The Hamilton soundtrack!!! I am late to the party. My first Hamilton viewing was when it debuted on Disney+ on July 3. Since then, I have continuously songs from this soundtrack in my head 24/7 and I am not sad, frustrated, or bored yet!


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