Getmorehappy was created to help everyday people find ways big and small to get more happy in their lives. Originally the brain child of Elaina and Renee, getmorehappy aired its first podcast in February 2018 testing the waters for what the movement could be. After a successful first season, Renee was guided in another direction and Lisa joined the team. Elaina and Lisa have allowed this endeavor to blossom taking form in Motivation Monday on Facebook and Instagram, Tuesday Podcast, and Thursday Blog posts. Join getmorehappy by following us on Facebook and Instagram @getmorehappy and subscribing at getmorehappy.com

Elaina Thiemann– Get more happy was born in the thought that we are all connected. I believe that most hatred and anger in the world comes from our personal insecurities. When we work on creating happiness and peace in our hearts, that expands to what we bring into the world. When we see each other heart to heart, we can begin to heal our lives and our world.

Lisa Briggs Davis– I joined my friend Elaina with the Get More Happy project because the political unrest in our country had begun to infect its citizens.  Friends and neighbors started tearing each other apart, instead of building others up.  It was having a profound affect on our communities and our children. I wanted to belong to a movement that promoted love, happiness, community and serving others.  Get More Happy is a safe place where we can relearn what it means to be a part of a “community”.