From Lisa:

Have you ever noticed that most of the shackles we find ourselves in are created by us? We create the rules that bind us, try desperately to live up to unattainable standards and cram activities into our lives at a feverish pace. We spend countless hours working to be the best mom, best employee, best spouse, and best servant at our church. We pour blood, sweat and tears into our families and put more and more pressure on ourselves to create the most amazing houses, out of this world parties and unforgettable vacations. We work countless hours to provide all of the necessities to everyone we care about AND we buy the newest computers, phones, cars, and interior designs.  We push and pull, work and slave to please everyone in our lives and we think this will make us happy.

We are so busy trying to make sure that everything is perfect, but all we are really doing is making a perfect mess.  We are perpetually exhausted, cranky, unhappy and in debt. We feel trapped in the very lives we created.  What are we doing to ourselves? Are we habitual people pleasers?  When and how did we get to this point?  Better yet, how do we get out of it?

What if we spent an entire week with no technology, no planned activities, no fancy dining. What if we just let go and let down. What if all we could do was enjoy the simple pleasures of life, focus on our people, rejuvenate, relax, and dream. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Then let’s do it! Let’s make an effort to “UN”. Un-clutter, un-plan, un-work, un-decorate, un-clean, un-push, un-pull.

Let’s take it down 10 notches or more.

What would happen if we started all over?  Only this time we contemplated with great intention before we let any new product, activity, person, or job into our new life.  This time we set boundaries and learn how to stick to them.  Boundaries around our time, money, love, effort, and energy.  Boundaries that gave us back our lives.  Could we find joy in the simplicity?  Could we be ok giving up our rules and commitments?  Could we ever be ok without our shackles?


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