Collaboration Not Competition

From Elaina: My family has been playing games a lot lately. Now I’m not going to lie, we all have a bit of a competitive streak, but I noticed something different in my behavior recently. I actually prefer the games where we are all fairly even. I am happy when all of us have a good hand at cards.

I’ve talked before about faking it until you make it. This is a success story of that. I am finding that I’m not as jealous of what other people have anymore. Someone is going on a fabulous vacation or got a new car or new job. I am really and truly excited for them these days. You see, just because they got something, doesn’t mean that I can’t have it as well. They aren’t taking anything away from me with their good fortune.

What if we were to apply this to other areas of our lives? What would it look like if we collaborated instead of competed with each other? What if, instead of bragging about how great our children are, we talked to each realistically about what being a parent is like. What if we were honest, instead of ashamed, of our struggles and sought to help each other out? What if, as business leaders and politicians, we aimed to work together for the common good instead of proving that we are the best? This is not quick and easy work! It takes intention and constant thought correction. Over time, the shift happens subtly. I encourage us all to give it a try!


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