How To Break A Funk

From Elaina: I threw a mini tantrum today. I am usually a very optimistic, happy person. I got overwhelmed today by something fairly insignificant. I have a lot of food allergies. As a matter of fact, my doctor said that I should try to rotate my foods because I, personally, will develop an allergy to the things I eat most often. I have celiac disease in addition to an actual wheat allergy, so anything with gluten is a big no no for me. The smallest exposure and I will be sick for a week with stomach issues, migraines, and rashes. I have to limit dairy to one serving a week or I’ll have an upset stomach. I get migraines with coconut. I had a food allergy test last year and showed allergic to corn, soy, most nuts, and various other things. On top of all this, I am diabetic. I’ve been wearing my blood sugar monitor consistently and my blood sugar reacts to the smallest amounts of carbs, no matter how healthy the carb source.

Usually I manage all this fairly well. I focus on what I can eat, not what I can’t. Well, tonight, I lost it. I was making Mexican food for my family and tried my hand at making cauliflower tortillas for me. It was not a win. I got frustrated, angry, and tearful. I’ve been in a funk the rest of the evening. Now, I know that being in a funk is not the optimal solution, but sometimes we need a good sulk.

We are all humans with a spectrum of emotions. Even the happiest amongst us have times of being in a mood. Sometimes, we have very real issues that need to be dealt with. Other times, something small sets us off. What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? Here are my solutions.

  • First off, I let myself sit in the funk for a little while. I usually set a time limit. I allow myself to wallow for a day or so. Then it is time for me to change my mood.
  • Simple self care things like red lipstick or wearing something soft and comfy.
  • Music. This is a big mood changer for me!
  • Talking to friends.
  • Thinking of some future event I am looking forward to.
  • And, here is my number one mood changer – Helping someone else. I find that the best thing to take me out of myself is to be there for someone else.

How about you guys? Any tips for changing a foul mood?


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