Blog: Get Back On The Horse

From Elaina: We all know how this goes. We are doing great on our healthy habits. We’re eating right. We’re exercising. We’re doing whatever we need to be healthier and we’re seeing progress. Our practices become habits and we wonder why we ever stray from them! Then, something happens. It could be we catch a cold. Or we go on vacation. Or we have a celebration to attend. No worries! We tell ourselves that we will take a short sojourn away from our healthy habits, then go right back to them! We feel so great, we know we’ll want to continue as soon as we can. We’ve built these habits into our lifestyle. It will be easy to come back to them. Sound familiar?

I am diabetic (non-insulin). I take medicine. I eat lower carb than the average person. I have celiac and other food allergies, so I really have to pay attention to my diet. Don’t get me wrong, I can still find junk food, but it does take more effort than most people. Last year, my doctor was asking how often I check my blood sugar and the answer was not that often. She told me about a new product that has a sensor I pop onto my arm and it takes a constant reading of my blood sugar. I have a continuous graph of what my readings are. It really is a miracle. I can see how my body reacts to specific foods, exercise, stress, etc. I wore it for a few months, took it off for a few events, put it back on, etc. My theory was that if I didn’t exactly know how high my blood sugar went on sweets, it didn’t count. Then I had a huge allergy reaction, steroids, foot surgery, and on and on. Here we are six months later and I started the monitor again. Yay, me!

Of course, then I had another allergy attack and steroids and family in town, but this time I learned a trick. When I took the monitor off last week, I told everyone I know that I would put it on this Monday. If they didn’t see it on me, they had my permission to ask about it. Monday came and I remembered my promise. I tried real hard to come up with a bunch of excuses, but then I sucked it up and put the monitor back on.

We all have moments when we fall off course. It’s part of being human. Don’t beat yourself up over what you “should have done.” Remember how good it felt to have a healthy routine. Whether it’s eating habits, exercise, meditation/prayer, I encourage us all to find ways to dust ourselves off and get back on the horse.


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