Q&A How Do I Know if This is “True Love”?

From Elaina: All relationships, including friendships, go through phases. There is the first spark, where everything is fun and exciting. This is the phase where you can’t believe how much you agree on everything. You love being around “your person” all the time! Eventually, that initial spark wears down in almost every relationship. Things get … More Q&A How Do I Know if This is “True Love”?


From Lisa: There are not many good things I can say about secrets. People often believe that by keeping secrets they protect others or themselves from harm, but truthfully most secrets only destroy. Secrecy destroys people, friendships, relationships, and mental health, because secrets destroy trust. Some secrets are kept because we believe it will protect … More Secrecy

Over Communicate

From Lisa Last week my daughter and I met with her college advisor to set up her freshman classes.  During the meeting my daughter asked the advisor for advice when working with Professors.  Without a blink the advisor said, “Over Communicate with them, always over communicate.”  To which my daughter declared, “My mom ALWAYS says … More Over Communicate