Ways to Love Someone That You Don’t Particularly Like

Humanize them: We are all individuals with our own hopes and dreams. No one can completely walk in your shoes. Recognize that other people may have different motivations driving their opinions, a different hierarchy of issues. If all else fails, see the hurt inner child they may have inside. Find something in common: Find something, … More Ways to Love Someone That You Don’t Particularly Like


From Lisa: This time of year peace is what we crave more than anything else, but often find elusive. With all of the hustle and bustle; parties and relative; gifts and obligations, it becomes harder and harder to find that ever missing peace. Try as we might to manage our time, manage our budget, manage … More Peace

Blog: Reboot

From Lisa I have a theory in life that makes my children giggle.  No, they actually laugh out loud and think I am quite crazy.  Many, many years ago, before all of the high tech devices, we had Basic Cable.  And when your cable went out and you called tech support, the first thing they … More Blog: Reboot