I love people!!

Sometimes, even a small kindness of strangers makes a big difference. I am currently awaiting the results of a bone marrow biopsy for systemic mastocytosis. The day before the procedure, I was getting antsy. I was leaving work and stopped this woman who was in a beautiful dress to tell her that she looked like … More I love people!!

5 Relationship Skills

Relationships, no matter whether family, friends, or romantic, require our effort. Here are 5 skills to create and maintain healthy relationships. 1. Communicate Your Needs. It does no good to assume that the other person should know what we want. Use your words. Be clear. 2. Be Present. It’s easy to get distracted. We are … More 5 Relationship Skills

Flip The Script

Jessie here. Getmorehappy was started with a goal to share our experiences in life in the hopes that it may improve someone’s else’s life in a positive way! We love taking about happy subjects, but I think it’s equally important to talk about the not so happy ones. We can’t truly appreciate the joy without … More Flip The Script

This Too Shall Pass

Without social media memories, can you say what your biggest fears, worries or triumphs were 6 months ago? Two years ago? Five years ago? Our immediate concerns have a way of mellowing with time. Of course, there are life altering events that will always have an effect on us, but even those won’t be as … More This Too Shall Pass