Elaina’s Word for 2023

We haven’t been posting much lately. Jessie is having a baby boy anytime now. Becca is busy with college and activities. Getmorehappy has always been a labor of love, so when the labor became more than the love, it was break time. We haven’t (and won’t be) posting weekly unless I feel called to.

One of my favorite things for the new year is a word of intention. Here’s my word for 2023: meraki!! It’s a Greek word that literally means “essence of ourselves”. It means to do all things with passion, love, and soul, putting your whole self into whatever you are doing. It usually refers to artistic projects, but my goal is to approach my life with meraki. I want to be my true authentic self in everything I do. I want my work, my relationships, my random meetings, however I present myself to be filled with my love and and passion.

How about you? I would love to hear your intentions for the year!!


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