5 Ways to Turn Your Day Around

From Jessie: I sometime find myself stuck in a mood that I can’t seem to shake. There are many ways to turn your mood around, but these are some of my favorites.

1. Call a friend! If you’re feeling down, I often find talking to a loved one helps. They can usually help you walk through what’s bothering you, or change the subject to something fun!
2. Listen to some tunes! I always find that music helps my mood. I usually choose a nice calming song, or a good scream to the top of your lungs tune!
3. Write out a gratitude list! If you’re feeling grumpy, it’s important to think of happy things! Write down things you’re grateful for.
4. Pin point your bad mood! I often find that if I can figure out why I’m grumpy, it helps me figure out how to fix it.
5. Send away the bad vibes! I like to envision my bad mood as a cloud, and when I’m done being grumpy, I gently send the cloud away, and it usually helps turn my mood around.


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