Lessons Learned

From Lisa:

Have you ever paid very close attention to a stressful or difficult situation? At that very moment, every single person involved has the opportunity to learn, better themselves, or stay stagnant. Sometimes it’s easy to see how the scenario should teach one a lesson, but did you ever stop to think that maybe you weren’t the intended learner? Sometimes when crazy or difficult things happen to you, it’s really so someone else can learn. Like a game of chess, God has perfectly planned out a way for everyone to grow.

Humanity is broken. We are all imperfect. We each make mistakes and sometimes hurt others and the truth is we almost always hurt ourselves. Mistakes teach us life lessons, whether were the ones who make them or someone else.

If you look closely and listen long enough today you can learn lessons in every conversation and interaction you have or witness. You will see random acts of kindness and random acts of cruelty. You will see pride and humility. You will see disregard and concern. You will see people make mistakes and people be forgiven.  

Give it a try! As you start returning to your community, to restaurants and businesses, look around and listen. Observe others and allow yourself to grow.


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