Half Century Lessons

From Elaina: I’m having a big birthday this week! Turning 50 has me thinking about lessons I’ve learned over this half century.

  • Be adaptable! The one thing you can count on is change. I think so many disappointments in life come from our expectation of what is “supposed” to happen. Change is inevitable. Basically, you can rail against it before you accept it, or you can go straight to accepting it and avoid more pain.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things! I work with a lot of people who have retired. The ones who are young are the ones who aren’t afraid to try new things and adapt to new technology. Age cannot be changed, but attitude determines how you feel.
  • Be kind! We really have no idea the battles that others are fighting. We don’t know the circumstances that have formed their opinions and values. Let’s enter discussions with a spirit of kindness and empathy.
  • Be genuine! Why try to be someone that you aren’t? That really takes up too much time and energy.
  • Everyone wants to be recognized and appreciated!!! I preach this one all the time! This understanding can turn arguments into discussions. It can help you brighten the day of the everyone around you. It also helps you understand your own motivations.

My birthday wish is love and peace to all of you! Please spread kindness in the world!


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