From Lisa: Patience It’s not one of my virtues. I am a fast paced go-getter who does not like to sit still. I make decisions quickly and wish others could too. So when life throws me a situation where I have to sit still, wait and be patient, it feels like an agonizing hell.

The truth is I didn’t even have the patience to make it completely through my first pregnancy. Two weeks prior to the due date I was out walking miles trying to get that baby to come out early. I have a very difficult time reading books all the way to the end because I can’t stand how long it takes me to get there.

I can clean my entire house in two hours, change the oil, grocery shop, get a haircut, and plant flowers all before noon. Slow is not in my vocabulary. Still is not in my vocabulary. Patience is a struggle.

But I know it’s something I must work on. Especially with people I love. Not everyone processes life as quickly as I do and processing quickly is not always the best idea anyway. I have learned with both of my children and many others in my life that if you don’t give someone the time they need to process what they are going through it will never end well.

So here I am, not actually sitting still. I’m occupying my time with lots of exercise, planting flowers, taking care of the yard and catching up with old friends… But I am showing patience toward the people I love. And I will call this growth.  


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