Shine On!

From Elaina: Most mornings, I say the same prayer: “I am grateful for being so filled with light and grace that it flows from me. Thank you for guiding me to the who, what, where, and when for my greatest good and where I can influence the greater good.”

Truthfully, I’m not feeling really full of light right now. I get my energy from interacting with people. It’s so much easier when I can see who I am affecting and how. Right now, my face to face interactions involve my immediate family only. We all do extremely well together, but of course we are all longing for outside people. Sure, I’m doing these blogs and videos. Yes, I am talking, emailing, texting, FaceTiming, but I can’t see how I am affecting others. I don’t know who is watching the videos or reading the blogs. I can’t see in real time if my words are inspiring anyone.

I guess this is where the real work begins. We have to fill ourselves to the best of our ability, understanding that our capacity changes day to day. We have to shine our light when and how we can. Then all we can do is have hope and faith that our light will find the person it needs to. One day we will wake up and all will be well with the world. Until then (and even after then) shine on!


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