Why Wait?

From Elaina: When my mother downsized her house, I got her wedding china. My oldest sister asked why I was getting it. My mother replied that when I was young and it was my turn to set the table, I always asked if we could use the pretty dishes. I’ve often wondered why we save our favorite things for special occasions. I’m guilty of it too. Those fancy earrings, that perfume we love, the candle we were gifted…we wait for a special occasion. All too often, we forget about using the items, and we find them months later. Why wait? Why isn’t today a special day? Why can’t we just enjoy ourselves now?

I’ve decided to live my life now! Really, none of us know how long we have. I plan to be happy NOW! Using those little things will put a smile on my face. Today is special enough for me to have these small comforts. Surround yourself with pretty things that make you happy. And you know what? We don’t need anyone else’s opinion about what makes something special!

We spend so much time worrying about what others think. We focus on making ourselves smaller so we don’t outshine others. Let’s all let it go. The world is made of variety. Let your light shine. Use the pretty dishes. Get the mohawk. Paint your house bright colors. Shoot, paint your hair bright colors if you want. Be your true, authentic self today! Why wait?


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