Be Kind For No Reason

From Elaina: I know I talk about kindness a lot, but I really believe that it changes both our lives and the people we are kind to. I’ve had several things lately that have reminded me that kindness doesn’t need a reason.

I find myself naturally engaging and complementing the people around me. I’ve always talked to random strangers before, but now I do it with intentional kindness. It is so rewarding to watch peoples’ faces light up when you genuinely see them. I was laughing at myself in the grocery store today. It took me twice as long to do my shopping because I kept noticing and connecting with the people around me. Yes, it took me longer to do a chore, but it was so much more enjoyable!

When I started getmorehappy, I had stars in my eyes. My kids kept telling me that I needed to bring them with me when I made it enough to meet Ellen and Oprah. I have always very much believed in this blog, but I would get consumed with how to build audience or try to make sense of why one topic got more views than another. Eventually, I was able to let go of that and just believe that our words would reach whomever needed them when they needed them. I’ve been surprised by the people that have reached out and told us that we touched them, a cousin I haven’t seen or spoken to in decades, an old high school friend, other moms that I only know tangentially. 

You see, the magic comes from connecting deeply with people. That’s something you can’t reach when you’re trying to do it with an agenda in mind. Honestly, getmorehappy has changed my life more than anyone else’s. I am such a happier, kinder human being. Thanks for joining us on this continuing journey!


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