From Lisa: Two weeks ago I had a particularly difficult week. One of those that just blows your mind. Takes you off track. Kind of rocks your world. But in the same week I was made aware that many, many others were having a horrible week too. I don’t know if it was the alignment of the planets and stars, the order of the universe, or God’s way of getting everyone’s attention, but it was miserable. Getting back to your happy in weeks like that is near impossible.

But isn’t that the way it goes. Life struggles create more and more stress and anxiety. The build up is real and then comes the explosion. Only after which we can regroup, re-think and reset our priorities. And start to put life back together again.

And that’s when we can see all of the beautiful souls in our lives who reach out to help us.  The ones who send inspirational thoughts or bible verses. The ones who remind of us our faith and our worth. They give us hugs, respite, nourishment.l and rejuvenation.

If wtake some serious time to rest and remember what a great life we actually have, the simple beautiful things become big again. The friendships that God has provided regain their extreme importance.  And slowly life becomes sweeter.

It’s the human cycle.  The ups and downs, mountains and valleys of our journey.   Without them we would be stagnant.  


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