Blog: New Traditions

Nov. 21, 2018

From Lisa

Here we are again at that time of year where we are supposed to focus on love and Thanksgiving… where we are supposed to put other’s first and find joy in one another.  How is it, then, that this time of year also finds us stressed, frustrated and worn-out?  Could it be all of the activity we begin cramming into our lives, the parties, dinners, events, family affairs and travel?  Could it be that we are trying so hard to show our gratitude that we actually find ourselves with short tempers, treating each other with ill will?

So this year I’ve decided to try something new for Thanksgiving, focusing on the time I have with those I love.  This year I am inviting each family member to help me in the kitchen (usually I prefer the kitchen to myself).  I will turn on some music, drum up conversation and focus on the human experience, not the perfection of the meal.  I hope to laugh, play and create great new memories.  As a matter of fact, the mistakes and goof-ups we do make, will actually add to the fun of the day.  Who cares if the meal looks like a Martha Stewart Gathering.  Isn’t it more important to build those relationships?

Afterward we will visit with friends and neighbors and box up some of our food to share with the homeless in our area. The day will be about community, relationships, caring and sharing, reminding us of the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  It’s never too late to create a new tradition.  What changes will you make this year?


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