Blog: Love Letters

Oct. 17, 2018

From Lisa

When is the last time you received a love letter?  Was it long ago when you were a teenager or in college and in a new romance?  Can you remember the hand-writing, the time and effort it took the writer to put those beautiful words down on paper.  The words, meant solely for you. 

It may be old-fashioned, but I still write to my grandmother a couple of times a month and she writes me back.  Sure there are faster ways to communicate, but there is something about that written word that still sings sweetly to us.  The excitement of pulling actual mail from your mailbox.  The anticipation of what will be said. The beauty of the hand-writing.  It is real.  It is as if the writer is with you in spirit.  It is meaningful.

A few years ago, when my teenage daughters were going through a particularly hard time, I wrote each of them a personal letter of encouragement.  As the words poured out on the paper, tears rolled down my cheeks.  Gathering the words I wanted to share with them brought back strong memories and feelings and deep passionate emotion.  By the time the letters were done, they were documents of love and they were received with great appreciation.  The words I had chosen made an impact on each of them.  Since that first “love letter”, my children and I have periodically written others to each other.  Once or twice a year, we take the time and thought to put our feelings down on paper and give them as a gift to one another.  What power words have.  How healing they can be.  How often we do not realize how others perceive us.  And the added beauty of this written word is that the receiver can revisit as often as they like. 

I encourage you to write a “love letter” to your parent, child, friend, mentor, spouse, you decide.  But take the time, chose the words, write them down and then share them!


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