Blog: Don’t Judge

Nov. 28, 2018

From Elaina:

I tend to be an optimist (big surprise). I look for lessons in every day life. Especially when I face a challenge, I try to find the “good” in it. I had foot surgery on both feet three weeks ago today. I am healing well. Still feeling some pain, but starting to be a part of the world again. I went to work this week and today put on regular tennis shoes for the first time. One lesson I have learned during this convalescence is, “Don’t judge!”

Even though I put shoes on today, I am still temporarily handicapped. I have a placard for my car so I can park in handicapped spaces. Unless you see me shuffling about, I do not look disabled. I am finding that I am judging other cars parked in handicapped spaces. I am looking to make sure they have a placard or a license plate. It’s not my business to police this. Even if I found a car without a placard (which I haven’t), who is to say that the person doesn’t have it in their car, but forgot to put it up?

I witnessed another judging moment today. There was a lady that I know does not speak English well. I saw her interacting with someone in the service industry who was being downright rude to her. The service person was annoyed because when the lady asked for help, she didn’t say please and had a hard time expressing what she needed. When the service person handed her the wrong thing, she kept shaking her head and pointing to what she wanted. The service person was angry and was borderline verbally abusive, chastising the lady for needing help and telling her off. I know that the lady did not understand the mean things he was saying, but that was no excuse.

The point is, we have no idea why people do what they do. Maybe the person who looks very able bodied, has cancer and tires easily. Maybe the person who we thought was rude, actually has a language barrier. Shoot, maybe the really rude service person had just gotten some bad news or was in pain. We don’t know the stories behind someone’s actions. Let’s stop judging and give them the benefit of the doubt.


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